Los niños necesitan aprender utilizando nuevas formas, el juego es la manera natural para que lo hagan.

La comunicación es la base para la adquisición y transmisión del conocimiento humano.

Prolinguo is a company born in 2016 under a group of young professionals who dream of achieving a world where all children have the same opportunities for access and development.

In Prolinguo we believe that communication is the base for the acquisition and transmission of human knowledge. For this reason we created Cronk & Mofin, the first therapeutic educational game that revolutionizes the way we learn and exercise speech and language.

We want to accompany the development of children through fun immersive experiences seeking to exceed their own limits but at the same time do not stop playing and dreaming. We are convinced that children need to learn in new ways, and play is the natural way for them to do so.

We invite you to meet Cronk & Mofin and be a part of this adventure. Learning does not have to be boring!








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